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Anti Spam Policy

1 nov 2022

This document informs you about the Anti-Spam Policy (“Policy”) established by Optinwizard.net (the “Company”) for internet marketing. If we find that you have violated the terms and conditions set forth in this policy, your membership will be revoked and any active account will be closed.
This policy applies to all individuals who have access to the company email account, including but not limited to users, members, customers, employees, and independent contractors.
For the purpose of this policy, “spam” refers to any unsolicited electronic commercial messages. This includes any activity where you transmit, either directly or indirectly, email messages to any email address that does not request or consent to such transmission.
Spam Filtering
The company’s messaging system will scan all incoming messages for spam. If you believe that your message was incorrectly marked as spam, please inform the message recipient so they can try other means of communication.
Zero Tolerance
The company strictly and uncompromisingly prohibits spamming. The mass emailing of unsolicited emails, or any other unsolicited emails for marketing our product, services, or programs are not allowed.
Advertisements that are posted in messages boards or chat rooms, which is specifically prohibited by its terms and conditions, shall also be considered as spamming activity. Irrelevant topics that are posted as advertisements in newsgroups in flagrant violation of the terms and conditions of such newsgroups, or if such newsgroup does not specifically allow such postings, shall, for the purpose of this policy, be considered as spamming activity.
If you have been spammed or have any suspicion of spamming, please contact us immediately by emailing info @ optinwizard net so that we can investigate the situation.
If you are found to have violated the terms and conditions of this policy, we reserve the right to end your participation in our program, including terminating your account.
Policy Updates
The Company has the right to modify and/or change this Policy as seen fit.

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