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How to write "Must Open" Subject lines!

Do you ever feel frustrated when you have to craft engaging and high-quality emails for your subscribers, but find yourself staring at a blank screen with a blinking cursor? If so, you may be experiencing Blank Page Syndrome.

But don't worry! We have compiled a list of subject lines that successful marketers, generating six and seven figures, have used over the years. These subject lines have been proven to be effective in driving sales.

With a winning subject line in hand, you'll be surprised at how easily the rest of the email comes together.

And remember... this works for any niche... So, let's get started:

1. Subject line with Results/Benefits + Time: 

Inform your subscribers of a specific benefit they can expect within a defined period of time by opening your email. 

For example, instead of simply stating 'Lose 10 Pounds,' opt for 'Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days.'

2. Subject line with Problem and Solution: 

Draw attention to a problem that your subscribers may be experiencing and offer a solution within the email. For example, 'Embarrassed by Your Hair Loss? Discover the Solution Here!'

3. Subject line with Curiosity: 

Create curiosity among your subscribers by teasing an intriguing answer. For example, 'Uncover the Secret Drink That Destroys Fat Cells.'

4. Shock subject line:

Make your subscribers feel they're about to discover something shocking.
For example, 'The traditional ways of wedding planning are a thing of the past: Discover the new approach.'

5. Review subject line:
Show your subscribers that you've reviewed something for them, saving them time and money.
For example, 'Which Weight Loss Product Will Make You Fat?'

6. 'How To' subject line:
Tease your subscribers about learning something new in your email.
For example, 'Here is how to Enhance your golf swing in the Next 7 Days!'

7. Direct Command subject line:
Tell your subscribers to do something specific within your email.
For example, 'Stop your struggles attracting women starting today!!'

8. Problem Question subject line:
Ask your subscribers a question about a problem they're going through.
For example, 'Do You Approach Women...Or Are You Too Scared?'

9. Revealing Question subject line:
Ask your subscribers a question that makes them think they're missing out on something.
For example, 'Are You Using This Money Finding Tool?'

10. Offer subject line:
Present a specific offer to your subscribers.
For example, '10% Off If You Order Today!'

11. Negative subject line:
Use bad news to attract your subscribers' attention.
For example, '500 Amazon Businesses Got Shut Down Last Week...'

12. List subject line:
Convey concise, useful information in an easy-to-read format by using a "list" in your subject line.
For example, '21 Easy Ways to Drop 6 Pounds.'

13. "Why I Don't Do" subject line:
Create curiosity by telling your subscribers why you don't do something that everyone else does.
For example, 'Why I Don't Hit the Gym When I Want to Lose Weight.'

14. "This Email Contains" subject line:
Convey that your email contains something of value to your subscribers, encouraging them to open it.
For example, 'This Email Contains the Secret to Make Money online.'

15. "X Mistakes That Even Successful People Make" subject line:
Use curiosity to your advantage by presenting mistakes that even successful people make.
For example, '5 Mistakes Even Smart Online Marketers Make.'

16. "Who Wins in a Fight" subject line:
Create controversy and intrigue by asking who would win in a fight.
For example, 'Who Wins in a Fight: The SEO Expert or the Email Marketer?'

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